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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Recent print and broadcast news coverage of WFLC'c legal cases and advocacy issues listed chronologically. You may also browse news coverage by issue using the menu in the sidebar.
Sep 09, 2010: Ellensburg Daily Record: "Planning process to resume for 57,000 acres in the Teanaway River valley"
September 9, 2010 -- Community input will restart soon in a continuing effort to plan for the future use of nearly 57,000 acres of Upper Teanaway lands.
Sep 03, 2010: Seattle Times: "Federal judge orders revised spotted-owl plan"
September 3, 2010 -- A federal judge is requiring the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to revise a Bush administration recovery plan for the northern spotted owl, and the federal agency said Thursday it plans to release a draft next week.
Sep 02, 2010: The Oregonian: "Judge orders government to revise plan to protect Pacific Northwest's northern spotted owls"
September 2, 2010 -- In what conservation groups say is a win for science over political manipulation, a federal judge ruled Wednesday that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service must revise its recovery and habitat designation plans for the northern spotted owl.
Aug 24, 2010: Tillamook Headlight Herald: "Judge: Logging roads pollute"
August 24, 2010 -- Local timber interests are bracing for the potential impact of a court ruling that dirt, rock and sand runoff from logging roads is a form of pollution requiring a permit under the Clean Water Act.
Aug 17, 2010: OPB: "Logging Road Runoff Decision Could Have Big Implications in NW"
August 17, 2010 -- Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that rainwater channeled by logging roads into rivers and streams is pollution and can be regulated under the Clean Water Act.
Aug 17, 2010: Seattle Times: "Appeals court: mud from logging roads is pollution"
August 17, 2010 -- A federal appeals court Tuesday decided that mud washing off logging roads is pollution and ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to write regulations to reduce the amount that reaches salmon streams.
Jul 02, 2010: Investigate West: "Northwest reps in Congress call for investigation into timber 'slush fund'"
July 2, 2010 -- Pacific Northwest members of Congress ask the GAO to investigate the Softwood Lumber Agreement’s distribution of funds to groups in the United States, including those with ties to the U.S. timber industry.
Jun 24, 2010: OPB: "Spotted Owl Surviving 20 Years After Controversial Decision"
June 24, 2010 -- Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most controversial decisions ever for Northwest forests. On June 26th, 1990, the Northern Spotted Owl was put on the Endangered Species list. Scientists at the time were worried the Northern Spotted Owl was on the brink of extinction.
May 28, 2010: Ellensbury Daily Record: "Kittitas County prosecutor does not file charges in AFLC binders"
May 28, 2010 -- The Kittitas County Prosecuting Attorney's Office will not charge two men involved in removing public records from the county's Community Development Services Department. Those records included parcel segregation requests initially submitted to the county by the American Forest Land Co. in 2004 and later amended and re-filed in 2007 along with two other sets of parcel segregation requests.
May 13, 2010: Valley Advocate: "Who Decides What's Sustainable?"
May 13, 2010 -- As many as one in every five new homes and a quarter of municipal buildings and office towers are expected to qualify as "green" buildings two years from now. But what does that really mean?